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Mayhem Playable Race: Carnac by RenrookART Mayhem Playable Race: Carnac by RenrookART
So I have been RPing again with my old table-top crew again and I've been LOVING it. My newest OCs  PiperYvett,  and Bree (who is being colored atm) all came from this RP gaming system, and they are richer characters for it. The unique feel of the world and the flexibility of the character creation system allows for truly unique characters. As a matter of fact, many of my OCs came from or were inspired by the races and talents found in this game. I have a lot invested in this game, sentimentally, and artistically. When my friends, Rob and Aubrey, first started working on it I helped with play-testing and conceptualizing a lot of the races and playable character types. The Tineks (porcupine people, like Piper), specifically, were like my children. I pushed hard for them and played tinek characters a lot to help troubleshoot their mechanics. I also made pushes for the Gorgons, Kitsunes, Carnacs and the octopi people. Unfortunately, the octopi people aren't a core content race and will likely be added in modules or expanded content books if we can get the funding to do so.

That brings me to the main issue I wanted to talk about: Funding. Rob and Aubrey have done a phenomenal job carrying this project to where it is now. After I got married and couldn't offer free art anymore Rob picked up the slack by bringing in a lot of armature talent, when he could. They have managed to gather a fair amount of exposure through conventions and online/offline play-testing. But they have hit the wall of what we can do with our current resources. A kickstarter page has been launched as a last ditch effort to gain the support we'd need to take this project to the finish line.

:star: Check out the Kickstarter page here:…
:star:  Their Facebook page (and raffle contest) is here:…

Should we reach our goal we can polish off the Core Content Book. All of the armature artwork will be replaced with artwork done by myself or other commissionable-artists. The best example of this would be the "boob snake"...which is what the "Carnac" illustration has been nicknamed by play-testers and close friends alike. It was first on the list of artwork he wanted updated and I jumped on the chance to give the boob snake a facelift. As you can see, in my version the Carnac is still a "boob snake". Preserving that nickname was the most important part of updating this image, at least for me. We all have our priorities, right?  Anyway - that is the kind of art we want to fill up the book with but we can't do that without support.

And art isn't even the only thing on the table. There is A LOT we want to do. Please check out the Kickstarter and spread the word. Help us make this happen.

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Mayhem © Midnight Campaign. Art © RenrookART / SBdesigns 2017. Please do not use without permission.
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July 6, 2017
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